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Pace Bureau Recently conducted two workshops with grand success as the workshops have created deep impact on the participant students and their feedback in regard have made us our decision of conducting similar workshop every month to be more firm.

Technical Workshop
Personality Development Workshop
Forthcoming Workshops
Technical Workshop
Our Mentor Er. Rajneesh Agrawal, AP, Commercial Tax, MP Govt. have given the tips to the students for:
a) How Computer Works
b) How Computer Programs are executed at the binary level
c) How to use MS Word, Excel & Powerpoint Efficiently and facilities such as format painter, Mail Merge, Watermark Application
d) How to write applications, formal letters, government letters etc.

It was for all the students of Pace Bureau and there were 25+ students who have attended and got benefited from it.

Some of the responses are:
a) Its beneficial for writing minor and major projects
b) It will useful in submitting resume in companies & Government Sector jobs
c) Now I can program nicely and correctly as now I know how the computer processes my programs. Knowing that computer only works on characters (no numbers or boolean or other types) have cleared our doubts and misconception
Personality Development
It was conducted by Mrs. Rashween Kaur Saluja Madam and she has proven to be impressive and perfect in teaching with extra ordinary capabilities. Her explanation made the students to be overwhelmed. She covered following topics:
a) Body Language
b) Dress Ethics
c) Etiquette Training
d) Stress Management
e) Public Speaking

Some of the responses are:

a) Got to know about our mistakes, our bad habits in day to day life related with studies, talking and etiquette - Aviral Shrivastava
b) Workshop was excellent, topics covered were full of quality. It will help to improve us, more workshops required for us - Rachit Agrawal
c) Mam taught us very well, I understand lot of new and interesting things about personality development. This workshop will change my life - Shubham Mishra
d) It was a very good experience. Madam's body language, dressing sense, confidence etc were very inspiring - Janvi Iyer
e) This workshop was really helpful in correcting myself, my dress ethics, public speaking and improve over our ettiquette - Miril Chouksey
f) The workshop was extremely helpful for me to understand my eaknesses and improve on my way of presentation - Aman Tiwari
g) It was a great experience. I enjoyed the class a lot - Neha Shrivastava (Agriculture Student)
Workshop Responses
Forthcoming Workshops
Hands on Networking
Hands on Linux
Cloud Computing
Internet of Things (IoT)
Techniques of Group Discussion
Personal Interview - My Take
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Data Sciences
Web Designing
Web Development Using PHP
Advance JAVA
LINUX (First Module)

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